Total Person Fitness Approach

Total Person Fitness Approach

Total Person Fitness ApproachTotal Person Fitness ApproachTotal Person Fitness Approach

Embracing Your Personal Triumphs!

Who We Are



#GETHYPE is a fitness company that have a strong belief in THE TOTAL PERSON FITNESS approach with all our clients that trust us with helping them on their journey of change.   This approach is one that focuses on the physical well being through nutrition and exercise, through the mind by motivation and inspiration but, all of this play a large role in the spiritual well-being of our clients. With the TOTAL PERSON FITNESS model, the success of a person is addressed in order to meet all the key points of an overall  strong and fit person.  Motivation and inspiration, are addressed through our initial assessments of physical health and nutrition what really make a person inspired or motivated sought of speak the “WHY’S”. Encompassing the spiritual person this will allow you to feel more centered and at peace while you undertake your transformation journey by the various journals that will be created to document your change.

At #GETHYPE our coaches are Certified Personal Trainers, Group Fitness Trainers and Nutrition Coaches through one of the top Certifying  bodies in the fitness field. Along with having the certifications to help you with your transformation were also CPR/ First Aid / AED Certified personnel on our coaching staff for the more involved medical assessments and needs for you. 

This why at #GETHYPE we believe, live and embrace the moto:


                 #GETHYPE  Formula for change is:



#GETHYPE focus is to connect individuals with the goal of living a HAPPY, HEALTHY and WELL BALANCE life through FITNESS, SPIRITUALITY, MOTIVATION and INSPIRATION.  Creating a community where like minded people can share their stories of TRIUMPH.