Total Person Fitness Approach

Total Person Fitness Approach

Total Person Fitness ApproachTotal Person Fitness ApproachTotal Person Fitness Approach

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This is the story of my journey in weight loss and fitness. I started my journey off on the incline of weight gain in my late 20’s early 30’s at which time my life was in a spiral. I attempted to do many diets and exercise plans and even consulted with several medical professions attempting to figure out if this is an illness, conditions, genetic or what was the cause of the weight gain. I was a consistent 165lbs to 185lbs in high school and my first year in college.  I then joined the military and maintained at 170lbs. Once I left the military and started to live the civilian life my weight management went rapidly downhill. At the age of 25 I was at about 220lbs which was a great weight for me but many things were a challenge like playing basketball, running and other physical activities.


 At the age 30 with more twist in life that cause me to relocate to Maryland where I currently reside my weight rose to 285lbs or so and the new issues of back and leg pain impeded  my physical abilities.  Around the age of 38 my weight peaked at 315lbs. I knew that it was something I needed to do and I join a fitness club with no direction what to do and tried a popular diets at that time. I saw less than meaningful results and was discouraged so, that led me eating more. 

By the time I was 45 years old I knew I had to do something because I had reached a pinnacle of my weight gain of 330lbs and held that weight for about 3 years along with degenerating disc, herniated disc and bulging disc in my L3 to L5 spinal canal. During this time I experienced a lot of leg and hip pain along with seeking treatment from pain specialist that treated with epidural steroids. 

My journey of changes started May 1, 2018 when I underwent weight loss surgery.  During the first year post-op I have lost a total of 131lbs and received my life back. My focus is to continue to led a healthy lifestyle and to be more active. My goals are to participate in several races in 2020: Ironman Triathlon , Wildflower Triathlon Sprint, B3 Series in Baltimore Maryland, Baltimore Half Marathon, and the New York City Half Marathon November2020. 

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#GETHYPE focus is to connect individuals with the goal of living a HAPPY, HEALTHY and WELL BALANCE life through FITNESS, SPIRITUALITY, MOTIVATION and INSPIRATION.  Creating a community where like minded people can share their stories of TRIUMPH.